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  Youtian has experienced professional talent team in Materials Science, advanced manufacturing and R&D equipment, unique material processing technologies as well as application research tightly combined with customers. Our group continuously improves production process technologies, researches and develops new products, to provide customers with material application solutions. R&D institutions and research directions in which we take pride include:

1. In 2012, we established university-industry-research cooperation with Materials Science and Engineering College in Nanjing University of Science and Technology, to mainly research preparation and application of zirconium-based non-crystalline materials.
2. In 2014, we respectively established university-industry-research cooperation with Nuclear Science and Technology College in Harbin Engineering University as well as Science and Technology Department in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and tightly cooperated in new product R&D, process design and equipment and other aspects involved in the fields of crystal hafnium and nuclear power, to set up a research center together.
3. In 2016, we established a rare metal new material industry-university-research cooperation base and a postgraduate co-cultivation base together with School of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering in Harbin Engineering University, and signed a technical contract on high-purity hafnium extraction process optimization project.
4. In 2016, we signed a technical contract on plasma cutting electrode tip brazing technology project with University of Science and Technology Beijing.